The Roncada vineyard – owned by the Mattioni family since 1956 – has as its hallmark an imposing nineteenth century manor house which lies on the slopes of a hill at the heart of the estate. From the early 1900s the company developed its vocation to specialise in wine-growing with the planting of the first Franconian vines.

Roncada, nestled in the foothills of a range of marl-sandstone hills that are part of the prestigious “Collio” area, boasts complete exposure to the sun from dawn to dusk and benefits from the effects of the Adriatic Sea close by, elements which provide the ideal natural habitat for the vine.

In addition to these natural characteristics, manual harvesting and the enthusiasm, care and thoroughness with which the vines, grapes and wines are looked after throughout the various stages of the winemaking process, make Roncada a small “Cru” with a great personality and excellent quality.